Gallarda, proposal of Accento Cultural Association, commences sponsored by the Regional Cultural Ministry of Madrid, with the aim of spreading culture; it contains scores, biographic data, choral information and links related to what is called “Spanish Choral Music”.

This statement means:

The text of the musical composition must belong to any of the official Spanish languages, as there are defined in the 3rd article of the Spanish Constitution, even though the author might not be Spanish.

The author must be Spanish, although his/her work might be written in another language.
The musical compositions, even lacking the previous requirements, include express references to features, culture, customs, etc. of peoples and places in Spain where the languages previously mentioned are produced.

The content of this portal is of public domain; therefore, if used, it must be quoted as an established source.

Proyecto subvencionado por la Comunidad de Madrid, Consejería de Cultura y Turismo.